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New here

Hey everyone! I just joined this community because sassygirl told me about it and it looks awesome! I collect classic film memorabilia, more specifically Gone with the Wind, Vivien Leigh/Laurence Olivier, and things associated with that. I posted some stuff at classic_film, but I rummaged through my closet last night and unearthed a ton of things I had forgotten about. I hope you enjoy. Not dial-up friendly (and please excuse the blurbs, i copied and pasted it from my LJ).

thats the olivier shakespeare collection

these are old magazine adds

excuse me for looking stoned lol

and excuse my roomie for acting out GWTW

the ones on the second shelf are photo books and biographies and such.

i forgot these were even on my walls

Friends know I like old things so lots of that was presents

I also save for some unknown reason

this is my GWTW collector's music box. I got it in Carmel by the Sea about 4 years ago

oooo books I've never read...except GWTW...and that crap sack of a sequal

Can you believe i actually tore the cover off that brando mag to put on my binder? I'm smart like that. they didnt let me into college for nothing

this is my wartime scrap book. It is a collection in itself compiled by a woman in England during WWII. Seemingly she was obsessed by the theatre, The Oliviers and company. It's got over 20 playbills, two laurence olivier autogrpahs, a bing crosby autograph, a ralph richardson autograph and some by people I can't read or don't recognize. I got it off ebay for a great steal but am unsure how much it's actually worth. Here are is a peek inside:

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