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Ashley in Wonderland

i want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

Okay okay, I'm finally doing it! Putting up my Gwen Stefani designed items - aka my L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers collection! I decided it would be a lot less daunting if I did this one section at a time. What could be more fun to start off with than one of my favorite categories - bags!

I don't know why I made the images so huge. Sorry if they're annoying! Each brand's bags are posted in the order I received them.

Watercolors tote

Heart logo tote

Narita (large, overnight style bag) in Rainbow Fleck


Bunny (small makeup bag) in Rainbow Fleck

Sugar in Safety Net


LeSportsac bags

Concert in LAMB print with guitar strap


Lotta Coin wallet in LAMB print

large Hella Hobo in Icon Multi


small Hella Hobo in Rasta Ribbon


Luxury LAMB>

Signature Zip Pouch in Saddle


Signature Mandeville in Ombre Rasta


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damn girrrl.
that's some loot.
i'm at work & lurking
but had to say, Whoa Now!

:) :) :)
I'm not really familiar with that line, but Hella Hobo is cute! Oh and I love the name. haha.
jennie = dead!!!!
damn i'll have to splash some water on my face
& get myself together for this!
i'll be back! <3
I found the link to this community through your journal (running right after this to join!!)
wow that is such an amazing collection of bags! There were two in particular that caught my eye, both the Rasta ones.
Seriously I don't know which bag to love the most. <3
ashley!!! you have some of my favourite bags, i swear. i'm in love with your watercolours tote & hella hobo/rasta. originally when you couldn't get a lick of lamb here, i ordered the same hobo as you, but it never arrived :( so to make up for it, the store sent me a baby barrel icon/black. i've always wanted that hobo!!!! i have to ask you about your luxury bags. i've heard of where a couple of them are around here & i'm gonna go check them out in a couple of weeks... anyway, what i'm curious about is roughly how much they go for. one girl said she paid $600 & another said $1,000. i don't know if i want to pay $1,000... really i'm worried because ocasionally stores don't just convert from $US, but they mark up and i want to make sure i don't fall for the markup. but seriously, your mandeville is to die for! i hadn't even seen that one yet!!!!

anyway, eventhough i know it's impossible to go wrong with gwen's bags, i have to admit you're taste is incredible. you've picked some of the best ones to own, in my opinion. if i woke up & had that many to choose from, i think i'd die on the spot.

can't wait to see more <3

by the way, the images were just the right size for me. not too big at all!
Wow, you're a regular bag lady aren't you? I kid, I kid!
An amazing selection of bags, I especially love the watercolours tote and the hella hobo bag! The others are just such a classic style, I bet they can go with anything.
The colour gradient is amazing in the Mandeville. How big is that one? Do you use it like a weekend bag or a general bag? Heck, do you use them all? Or do you use them for a few times and then put them away somewhere safe and then bring them out on specific occassions?
The way Gwen pays attention to details is ace, looks like there's a little surprise with each bag or something :)
Wow, I just noticed the Sugar in SafetyNet one, for some reason that didn't load until I checked my comment posted. But wow, that one's gorgeous.
When did you first get a LAMB bag? How come she has two labels? Was she like a guest designer for Harajuku Lovers and then started her own label LAMB?

Um, Katie, enough with the questions already, sheesh. I'll go and start working on another new post now!
Yay another bag feind in the house
Love the embossed LAMB icons sooo cute