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James Dean and Paul Newman

I was originally going to post these as separate collections but I think it goes well together but be warned, this is image heavy! Errr, also word heavy, it's kind of turned into an essay, sorry!

James Dean is such an iconic actor, you forget how young he was when he died (24) and how little he'd done, (three films and a few parts in television and theatre)yet his method acting, style and appearance helped change the face of the fifties,and still lives on today.

6 books on James Dean, a mixture of photography, biography and analytical looks at his work. The top left was given to me this Christmas by my parents and it was a lovely surprise as it's a beautiful book. The James Dean : A Portrait book beneath that one is one of my favourites as it includes lots of photographs taken by James himself.

His three films, each a classic in their own way.

I think people forget that James was also inspirational to fellow actors he worked with. One such actor who still credits his influence today is Dennis Hopper. He acted alongside James in "Rebel Without A Cause" and "Giant". He wrote the foreword to the James Dean : Portrait of Cool book on the top right in the books photo. Dennis is an accomplished photographer and artist, he also collects many works of art and knew Andy Warhol personally.
This is a first edition book of Dennis's seminal photography.

He took this amazing picture of Paul Newman on the set of "Cool Hand Luke" which he was also in.

I also collect Paul Newman books and general film memorabilia as I feel he's still one of the most underated actors of our time and he's been in some of my personal favourite films, number 1 is Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, without fail! I also love the way he does such great humanity and charity work and still has his own interests like racing. He entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world's oldest racing car driver when he was 75, fact fans!

He's linked to James Dean as they both studied in Strasberg's classes in New York and often went up for the same parts. There is a famous screentest of the two of them together where the opening image and my icon comes from.James delights in teasing him, by asking "Kiss me" and Paul replies by saying "not now" and they both laugh.

After James's tragic death, Paul found himself in two film parts originally intended for James and his career took off, letting him shake off the naysayers who say he imitated Dean or Brando.

In my old room, I had a special area on my bookcase specially dedicated to Paul Newman pics, many friends who visited found themselves transfixed by his peircing blue eyes.

I have books, books and more books!

This one is AMAAAZING.

I have a small folder of clippings and these ones are my favourite.

This is the only poster I have up in my room so far.

At University, I had this poster up in my room, at the foot of my bed.


I'm currently longing after this DVD collection which has made its way onto my birthday list, as well as this new swoonsome book! And this one, whoops.


From the Portraits of the 50s book.

From the Celebrity book

The End! Virtual cookie/biscuit to all those who got through this entry!
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