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How do you guys look after your collection areas? Do you dust them often? My area's getting a bit dusty and I'll be cleaning my room this weekend so I'll do it then but some of you have really big collections so what do you do? Take all the items off, give the shelves a dust? Use those duster wipes or something else?
Give a newbie collector a few tips here!

This comm's been a bit quiet lately so I thought I'd make a new entry!

These are two of my favourite authors, Robert Cormier and Paul Zindel. I just love collecting a whole series of editions. It just looks complete (annoying that I can't find more novels by the authors in these editions though!) and I really like the styles they have used in these ones, the Paul Zindel ones are especially so '80!

Robert Cormier

Tenderness is my favourite by far.

Paul Zindel
mmm pastels

I love the titles, haha.. Pardon Me, You're Stepping On My Eyeball? Classic.

The most books by one author in my collection would have to be Francesca Lia Block's, I love her stuff, I think I have 14 books! Neil Gaiman would be the through and through winner but I'm not counting the graphic novels so he's one less at 13, heh.

Ooh I got more additions to my older collections over the last week since my sister bought me a gorgeous Paul Newman photography book as well as season 6 of CSI, hurrah.

How about you guys, have you got anything new in your collections?
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