Katie (sassygirl) wrote in collecta_belles,


My mum calls it "crap" which can be hurtful but she just means it as in literally piles of magazines around my room and unorganised things. She knows that most of the items have some meaning/importance for me!

My dad sometimes asks how much a certain item cost, haha.

My sister sometimes lets me send items to her in USA and then she sends them onto me!

My friends are accepting of it, they've put up with me asking them to be careful with old magazines that I've been reading, making notes from, or scanning. I don't think many of them really know the extent of it. One came round to my house the other day, she hadn't been for a long time and we sat on my sofa. She turned to face me, my shelves behind me and said "wow!"
That was quite a nice moment for me, as I think it looks nice when it's all in one place!

Other friends... If they've stayed in my room for a while and show no resistance (haha), I give a mini tour of the shelves and show them articles or photos of 80s stars that usually have us in stitches of laughter!
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