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last night when I got home from dinner, I attempted to organize the part of my Viv/Larry (Olivier) collection that i have here at my apartment. The other part is at my parents' house, which is more like classic film things in general with a huge emphasis on GWTW. So i got this large 3 ring binder and sheet protectors and put some stuff in there. larger things like LIFE and Vogue magazines and books obviously can't fit in page protectors so I just have those in plastic sheets laying in my book case. But so now that it's mostly organized, I thought I'd take some photos and share. I still have 3 more things coming in the mail from ebay as well as hopefully getting three more on top of that if I win. We'll see. One day I'll organize everything I have together and take photos but for now I'll just list what i have here and things from memory that I have at home. I'll put the Larry/Viv stuff in bold.



Bios, autobios and reference books

Laurence Olivier by Anthony Holden
Olivier by Terry Coleman
The Oliviers by Felix Barker
Sir Larry by Thomas Kiernan
My Father Laurence Olivier by Tarquin Olivier
On Acting by Laurence Olivier
Confessions of an Actor by Laurence Olivier
Laurence Olivier: Theatre and CInema by Robert L. Daniels
The COmplete Films of laurence Olivier by Jerry Vermiyle
Vivien Leigh by Hugo Vickers
Vivien Leigh by Anne Edwards
Vivien Leigh a Bouquet by Alan Dent
Vivien by Alexander Walker
A Season with Vivien leigh by Dilys Gater

By Myself and Then Some autographed in person by Lauren Bacall
This n That by Bette Davis
Long Live the King: A Biography of Clark Gable by Lyn Tornabene
Clark Gable by Warren Harris
Gable and Lombard by Warren Harris
Lulu in Hollywood by Louise Brooks
Bring on the Empty Horses by David Niven
Kate Remembered by Scott Berg
Gone with the Wind Letters correspondences by margaret Mitchell and others
Memo From: David O. Selznick

Photo Essays
The Films of Clark Gable
The Saturday Evening Post Movie Book
jean Howard's Hollywood
Hollywood COlor Portraits by John Kobal
Vanity fair: Photographs of an Age
Vanity Fair's Hollywood
LIFE IN HOLLYWOOD 1936-1952 by peter Stackpole
LIFE Goes to the Movies
Unforgettable Hollywood by nat Dallinger
LIFE faces by John Loengard
LIFE Classic photographs by John Loengard
Beaton portraits
People in Vogue
Beaton in Vogue
LIFE in Hollywood: 75 years of the Academy Awards
David O. Selznick's Gone with the Wind by Ronald Haver
The Tara Treasury
The Making of Gone with the Wind by herb bridges
Gone with the Wind by herb bridges (yah those are two super different books)

++Lauren Bacall
++Sir Laurence Olivier (x2)
++ Sir Ralph Richardson
++Bing Crosby
++Theatre people who I don't know

Playbills/Programs--largely thanks to one Miss J. E. Still 38 S George's Ave., Grays, Essex and her superb collection and love of Larry and Viv in the 1940's, yay!
++A Streetcar Named Desire at the Aldwych Theatre, London, 1950, directed by laurence Olivier and starring vivien leigh
++Caesar and Cleopatra at the Ziegfeld Theatre, new York, 1951, starring Larry and Viv, directed by Larry
++Henry IV part I&2 at the New Theatre, London, 1945
++Uncle Vanya, New Theatre, 1945
++Arms and the Man, new Theatre, 1945
++Oedipus and The Critic double bill, New Theatre, 1946
++Laurence Olivier's presentation in technicolor of Henry V by William Shakespeare, Marble Arch Pavilion, London, 1945

++The School for Scandal The Arts and Theatre Club, London, 1945
++Lady Windemere's Fan, Royal haymarket Theatre, directed by John Gielgud, decor by Cecil Beaton
++The Skin of Our Teeth, Picadilly Theatre, London, starring Vivien Leigh, directed by Laurence Olivier, 1946

Magazines and stuff
++LIFE cover: Viv and Larry, 1950
++LIFE cover: Clark Gable, 1960
++LIFE cover: Vivien, 1946
++LIFE cover:Clark and Viv, 1991


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